April 4, 2012

Young Hunter - Children of a Hungry World

Young Hunter's Children of a Hungry World is like Mazzy Star or even Jefferson Airplane filtered through a black metal sensibility. Blast beat laden intros and huge wailing breakdowns gives way to psychedelic grooves, that would fit nicely in a David Lynch movie. Mr. Scab Casserole from Invisible Oranges adds:
this band’s sound has a heavy, drugged-out infectiousness that immediately makes me think of the desert. And maybe it’s a romanticized desert, a sexy, cinematic, rock-and-roll desert that doesn’t exist, but these songs immediately hit that chord and don’t let go. Creepy, catchy, melancholy, and entertaining, this EP blows through the hot night air, leaving a cloud of brown sand and red clay billowing out behind it.

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