July 19, 2012

Disma - Towards The Megalith

Disma's Toward The Megalith has been added to the Profound Lore Records Bandcamp. This is unbelievably heavy death metal. Everything is detuned to subterranean levels, the rumbling guitars, the rattling bass, even Craig Pillards guttural vocals sound detuned. With the wrong production this could have turned into a fuzzy mess, but while appropriately organic and old-school sounding, it also has a high degree of clarity. Check out the incredibly buzzing closing chords of the title track for a great example.

Here are two great quotes about Toward The Megalith. The first is from the inimitable Monkey Defies Gravity:
Disma attract oft-used adjectives like “crushing” and “brutal” and are described as ridiculously heavy.

One the one hand, this is all true. On the other, pish!

Towards the Megalith has a lightness of touch, a playfulness about it. A cheeky wiggle of the hips even.

Disma write catchy riffs and – unlike so many death metal bands – know how to let them breathe. Despite the rumbling tones, subterranean vocals and the sepulchral atmosphere, I think this record has a sense of fun.

Craig Pillard from Disma. Photos by Carmelo Española

And Lurker's Path waxes poetically about the awesome album art:
Just soak up that art. Towards the Megalith is exactly that. Journey across the subterranean wastes. Unrivalled suffering awaits. Ritual to the great old ones. Monuments arise. Flesh torn asunder. Crippled under bone and sinew. Mammoth burdens. Embrace the unknowability of the thing. Listen to Disma.
A few more reviews, from That's How Kids Dies and Angry Metal Guy. And off course the player below for you to get your hands filthy on

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