May 29, 2014

Young and in the Way - When Life Comes to Death

Written by Sean Golyer.

If nihilism was a religion, Young and in the Way would be its evangelist. When Life Comes to Death is an album of pure self-hatred and anger. It’s filthy, despondent, and unrelenting and I fucking love every second of it.

This album marks the band’s first release on Deathwish Inc. (Converge, deafheaven, Doomriders) and it’s one hell of an entry in an already impressive catalog of metal and hardcore. The blackened-crust of YAITW is a sound that has enthralled me in the past and When Life Comes to Death is no exception. In fact, it may be their best release to date in this humble fan’s opinion.

Stylistically the band hasn’t changed drastically from where they started, but they really didn’t need to. Everything that made their past albums great has been refined into a swirling and chaotic thrill ride. If you were a fan of their past work, look no further for a continuation and improvement on what they’ve already released. On the flip side, if you found yourself uninterested by past YAITW albums, there may not be much for you here, though I always recommend at least giving it a chance.

Photo by Karen A. Mann

Some serious takeaways from this album include “Fuck This Life”, “Be My Blood”, “Weep in My Dust”, and “Embrace Extinction”. All set a mood of their own and are certainly not lacking in the riff department, but all gel well together. Hints of Hellhammer, Bathory, and Celtic Frost effortlessly blend in with their crust punk sensibilities. The production of the album is arguably the best they’ve had so far without taking away the raw power and energy of their performance. The mix is as crushing as it is masterful. Both the sound and songwriting invoke seriously primal emotions deep inside me. If I end up smashing everything in my immediate vicinity for seemingly no reason, I blame the jolt of testosterone that this record is.

All-in-all, a highly recommended “must-listen” album for 2014 and easy contender for my personal favorites this year. Buy this album. Get angry. Bask in destruction.

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  1. Sure to be my favorite album of the year. Heaviest thing I've heard in a long time. Can't wait to see them play these songs live.

    1. I found another set of YAITW live photos. It looks pretty intense.