April 14, 2016

Label Spotlight: Unique Leader Records

Unique Leader Records opened up shop on on Bandcamp, and the Isolation Grind blog closed it's doors; let's combine those two things shall we. Isolation Grind was chock-full of well written reviews of extreme metal.
Unique Leader Records opened up shop on on Bandcamp, and the Isolation Grind blog closed it's doors; let's combine those two things shall we. Isolation Grind (formerly That's How Kids Die) was chock-full of well written reviews of extreme metal. Mostly of the black variety, but the column Oodles of Brutals (and other articles) featured the kind of metal you find on the Unique Leader roster: Technical, brutal and slam death metal!

So say goodbye to Isolation Grind with me, and welcome to Unique Leader on Bandcamp. At the same time give a warm welcome to Doomsday Device, the blog that continues Isolation Grind's focus on extreme metal, as well as commentary on the world of professional wrestling.

Cover art by W. Smerdulak

Katalepsy might as well be crowned the new kings of slam. Ok, I’m no expert on this shit, and technically these Russians have been around since 2003 so I guess they aren’t really all that new, but they are just now releasing their second album, Autopsychosis on that bastion of brutality known as Unique Leader, and it is what I like to refer to as HOLY SHIT AWESOME. Seriously, this album is so retardedly goddamn heavy and brutal, with slams a’plenty and gnarly toilet-dwelling vocals galore, that it puts not only Devourment, but just about every other band attempting this style to shame.

It doesn’t hurt that the production is absolutely perfect for this style of death metal. The sound of Autopsychosis is dark and crushing but crystal clear, allowing the listener to fully grasp just how much sonic devastation these guys are capable of dishing out. (read the rest here)

Artwork by Raphael Gabrio

Soreption often incorporate the lurching rhythms Meshuggah helped popularize, but unlike their countrymen, they never slip into the monotony of repetition (and don’t you dare call them djent). They also benefit from the vocal versatility of frontman Fredrik Soderberg, who utilizes a variety of barks, shouts and growls to get the job done, lending a human element to Soreption’s cruelly precise musical attack. In fact these guys might be the tightest band covered here, as each track on Engineering the Void is a tightly wound death metal smart-bomb that’s er, engineered for maximum impact. (read the rest here)

Cover art by Pär Olofsson

I was pleased to learn recently that Unique Leader is reissuing The Anomalies of Artificial Origin, the second album from Russia’s Abominable Putridity. This album had the misfortune of originally being released on one of the sketchiest metal labels that ever existed, which means it wasn’t promoted for shit and good luck trying to find it at your local shop. It’s a damn shame too, because this album might just be the absolute pinnacle of knuckle-dragging slam.

Basically, The Anomalies of Artificial Origin is just one massive mosh part, designed as an optimum soundtrack for mouth-breathers to beat the living shit out of each other to. It’s one of the most awesomely ignorant slam albums I’ve ever encountered and that’s what makes it such a ridiculously fun, not to mention neck-wrecking listen. It’s also probably the best sounding slam album ever, with an absolutely huge production that just flat-out crushes everything in its path. (read the rest here)

  1. Abominable Putridity's first album is excellent ignorant slam also, though it is more traditional gore and misogyny instead of space themed. I think the space theme is a bonus personally.

    1. Yeah, gore can be fun, but the really heavy misogyny of some of these bands is offputting. So I guess that's another vote for more space slam.

  2. Seen Arkaik and Lords of War at a local venue; some amazing bands on this label!