April 26, 2013

Dirge - Elysian Magnetic Fields

Dirge's Elysian Magnetic Fields from 2011 is industrial tinged atmospheric sludge metal. Tracks ebb and flow, from ambient noise to huge riffs, that moves the songs forward with an almost unstoppable force. The industrial influence mostly consists of tastefully applied electronics, but also more overtly like the intro to the instrumental "Sandstorm", where the drums plays around an insisting bleep. Later in the song the bleep transforms into into a harsh bubbling noise that add an ominous depth to the post-metallic riffing.

The production is dense and layered, this is an album you can listen to many times, and still hear something new. On the other hand, it is also a very immediate album, many of the melodies are quite enchanting. Take the intense ending to the last song "Apogee". Emotional shouting on top of powerful drumming, it took me a while to notice the weird time signature (I'm not a musician, but it's 13/4 according to a review I read). Dirge must also be given credit for using an accordion to create atmosphere here and there. Again, something that you may not hear on first listen. All in all, Elysian Magnetic Fields is an immensely satisfying album, and comes highly recommended.

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