January 24, 2014

Yellow Eyes - The Desert Mourns

Written by Sean Golyer.

Yellow Eyes lay before us a desert landscape washed in starlight and drenched in gore. The atmosphere is heavy and the mood is unsettling. My eyes dart across a scene of surreal self violence.
A man throws handfuls of his blood.
I’m fixated now and can’t turn away. A primal urge within me keeps me listening. Keeps me watching.
Red yawns widen and splatter; He spreads his belongings on the sand.
The Desert Mourns is one of those rare pieces of art that has moved me in a way that leaves me at a loss for words. I’m at once excited to share it with others without really being able to conjure up the right words to describe it. On its surface Krallice may seem like an apt comparison, but that doesn’t serve this band justice. If you’ve enjoyed either of their past two albums chances are you’ll enjoy this EP. And yet something feels different about this release; something darker and more mature that drew me in immediately. Their ability to catch me off guard and sweep me into their twisted, chaotic world grows ever stronger. The Desert Mourns is a testament to their mastery of storytelling and songwriting. I yearn for more.

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  1. Jeez, Sean, I wish you'd show a little enthusiasm for the music you write about. :)