March 31, 2014

Kever - Eon of Cycling Death

Written by Kevin Page.

Artwork by Raul Gonzalez

Do you remember a band called Morbid Tendency from Israel? Good, neither did I. But they featured Alex Butcher (ex-Sonne Adam) & Tom Davidov (current Sonne Adam) and released this digital EP last year. Well, they have since changed the name of the band to Kever, added some sweet cover art and have re-released this little beauty under the new monicker.

Musically this is a slightly tighter Autopsy with some Morbid Angel-ish solos and a dry scratchy guitar tone reminiscent of Pungent Stench's Been Caught Buttering. Vocally they've gone the route of a satanic Karl Willets of Bolt Thrower with lots of reverberating hellfire. Did I name drop enough bands in that description for ya?

Seriously though, it's a fine slab of old school death metal that manages to feel relevant in an oversaturated field. Besides the current Name Your Own Price digital download, they will be offering this on MLP and CD as well.

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