July 30, 2016

Agrimonia - Agrimonia

I hate to be the "I only listen to their demos" guy, but in Agrimonia's case it's mostly true. Not because the albums are bad (check out 2013's Rites of Separation), the demo is just too good! I originally found it on the Moshpit Tragedy Records Bandcamp page which is now defunct. But I recently got permission from the band to give the demo a new home on Bandcamp. Just skip my little review below and go straight to the music. I'm sure you'll like it.

Agrimonia plays a mix of heavy sludge, and dark and brooding post metal. And crust, don't forget the crust. Even when Agrimonia takes flight on the wings of a post-metallic melody, everything still sounds so deliciously raw. Especially the throat rasping vocals does their very best to deny the listener any post-metal "prettiness". The songs are are expansive and lengthy, they move from place to place without losing their sense of continuity. Even at their most atmospheric, you can always on a killer riff kicking in and keeping things moving. Check out the first song "The Unknown Bury Me" below, it is a lesson in how to build up a song with tension; when the vocal riff finally releases the tension, you know this is exciting stuff.

  1. Really Good!

    1. Yes. The Unknown Bury Me is one of my favorite songs ever.