January 15, 2012

Haar - Haar

Haar's self-titled EP is progressive black metal that mixes the black metal with heavy and slow sections, at times sounding almost like a doom band. All three tracks of the EP are good, but the standout is the centrepiece 'To Forgive An Enemy'. Here's what the enthusiastic review from Lurker's Path had to say about it:
The latent despair swells and explodes in an ecstatic chorus, where the lyrics beam through with defiance: "YOU’RE AN ENEMY, FUCKED-UP ENEMY. YOUUU! TO FORGIVE AN ENEMY, FORSAKEN ENEMY. YOUUU!" ... Whatever’s being said, you’d want to fuck up your enemies too after a rousing sing-along like that.
Listen to the track below, and click the player to hear the rest of the EP.

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