June 10, 2012

Make - Trephine

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

MAKE take bits of Sludge, Drone, DOOM, and Post-Metal. Wrap it up with a nice Stoner feel, and serve it up hot. Like Horseback, Earth, and Neurosis were put in a blender.

Speed is not the name of the game with this band. Instead they allow the music to crawl. Not only in pace, but into your brain until your body has no choice but to sway with the music. The atmosphere created by the band is what stands out, allowing the listener to get lost in the songs. Vocals range between BM rasps, Sludgy barks, and clean sing alongs. Guitars jangle while the bass lines crawl up and down like a pulse. But just as you’re getting lost and comfortable, the band brings it all back into focus, while also bringing the heavy. As Heavy Blog Is Heavy said:
Trephine is basically a collage of all the things I look for in this genre of music; huge riffs, pensive atmosphere, and an air of psychedelia. It’s all done quite well for a band of their size, and I see them going places if they keep pushing forward with what they’ve got going on.
Could not agree more.

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