November 13, 2012

Murmuüre - Murmuüre

Written by Ulla Roschat.

Everything Has Been Said

When I listened to this self titled album by Murmuüre for the first time I actually just wanted to skim through it to get a first impression, but I was so intrigued by the very first sounds that I found myself listening to it closely from the beginning to the end instead…, again and again.

These six tracks come in “styled” in a Black Metal outfit, but the huge variety of influences it draws on and the way it was created by mixing the different components make it an experimental electronic project as well. The base and the core of all six tracks is an hour long guitar improvisation, from which Murmuüre (in fact it is one single guy from France) selected parts and then added all the other components to them. There are all kinds of ambient synth sounds, chaotic drumming, programmed and live, and vocals that were, according to Murmuüre, “recorded during a cathartic trance at a sacred place in the forest with a mini-disc recorder.” To listen to this album is an intense and emotional experience. A seemingly chaotic mash up of ambient, fuzzy, noisy synth sounds, Black Metal riffs, drone scapes, fragile enchanting melodies, creepily whispered vocals, flutes and weird crackles and distortion is magically disturbing and disorientating, but at the same time it is breathtakingly organic in it’s emotional impact. And herein lies the essential beauty and brilliancy of this work. So many different ideas are brought together here and created into a complex entirety.

This album of Murmuüre will remain the only one of this kind, so the guy says who is Murmuüre. What a shame, but it’s completely plausible to me, because I think the album expresses a very personal emotional state and everything has been said.

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  1. Interesting interview, thanks for the heads up. I would be interested in hearing from Murmuüre (and now he's laughing at me because I typed out the umlaut :)).

    Clickable link to interview

  2. I had read the interview and still I typed out the umlaut. For people (like me) with a mother tongue where the umlaut usually has meaning it is not easy to just not do it :)(also it looks cool I think), and yes the interview is very interesting!