November 3, 2012

Planks - Funeral Mouth

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

After the release of The Darkest Greys/Solicit To Fail album I was hooked as a Planks fan. Their take on Sludge was exactly what I love. So when I heard of the release of the new album Funeral Mouth, I was anxious to see where they would take it next.

Atmosphere is what they are going for on this one. Allowing song to breathe and feel open. The trademarks one loves about the band are still there. Grinding guitars, throbbing bass lines and pounding drums. Vocals are still barked and the aggression is still there. They have just found a new way of delivering it, and done what Neurosis found out long ago: Putting something soft next to the heavy makes it much heavier.

Planks has seen a lot of progression in it’s short time as a band. Starting as a Hardcore influenced Sludge band, they began adding Black Metal and Doom elements to later albums. This one adds the element of Atmosphere with great effect. Who knows what future albums will bring in terms of style. It’s just good to see a band want to expand their sound with each release

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