February 11, 2013

Gods of Eden - Gods of Eden

Review by Tentaclesworth.

Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I’d just like to say hi and thank Max for asking me to contribute to the site. I also write for Heavy Blog is Heavy under the moniker ‘Tentaclesworth’ and I’ve decided to branch out a little bit. I look forward to showing you some great underground music!

Gods of Eden are one of the best things to come out of Australia in a long time. The four track EP they released last year are mindblowingly original. Essentially, it’s progressive symphonic technical death metal with a ton of surprises. The second you hit play, god-like shredding snatches your attention and before you have time to admire the insane string-work of our Australian quintet, they throw another curveball at you. Beautiful synths and orchestrations take the ridiculous shredding to the next level. Then the vocals kick in. A decidedly old school thrash approach for the harsher stuff to accompany the relentless attack of synths, guitars and blast beats. As we venture into the next minute of the first track, we get to a spine chilling clean section with angelic clean vocals and more orchestrations that’ll have you singing “Gods of Eden, languishing a top of the stolen throne of slaves” at the top of your lungs while tears roll down your face. Then it makes way for a heavier section where the vocalist gets a chance to show you his brutal side while the band caters to the younger crowd with some syncopated chugs. Another clean chorus and then another curveball. An interlude with flamenco guitars and more clean vocals with heavy reverb reminiscent of a Nile without the death metal.

Sounds pretty crazy right? Well don’t let a blender of awesome things turn you off because Gods of Eden are more than the sum of their parts. Everything comes together in a remarkable way. Mind you I’ve only described the first half of the first song. There are so many more things to be discovered throughout these four songs. Piano solos, electronic influenced djent and enough earworms to make the radio jealous. There’s something here for everyone and you’re only doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check it out.

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  1. I checked out the band on the Metal Archives; there's one review for this EP and it's unabashedly negative. Hilarious, but not exactly helpful.

    I listened to the first two tracks. Really, the only thing I could complain about are the clean vocals. My suggestion to the band (if they care what some random guy thinks) is that they excise them entirely or get a better singer. Maybe "better" is the wrong word; they just need a singer with less offensive timbre.

    So it's pretty good.

    1. First track is totally over the top, the latter have parts you can kind of hang on to, and are better for that. The cleans are not that bad, but agreed the harsh vocals are much better.

  2. une excellente découverte,les titres s'enchainent sans problèmes et sont tous excellents,les quatres titres sont aussi bon l'un que l'autre,vraiment à recommander et je trouve que l'attaque du chant apporte un charme à ce groupe

    1. Yeah the harsh vocals adds a level of angriness to Gods of Eden that many bands playing the same type of music lacks.