February 24, 2013

Vindensång - Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts...

Written by Aaron Sullivan.

Hailing from the keystone state of Pennsylvania come the Ambient band Vindensång. Their album Terminus: Rebirth In Eight Parts... combine ambient with elements of Black Metal and Folk to create music that is layered and full of atmosphere.

As the title suggests this album has a concept; with each new track, it is one step further on your journey of rebirth. Songs are mainly out of soundscapes with guitars and effects on top, adding to the atmosphere. No parts dominate, with each serving a purpose in the overall sound. Vocals are a mix of deep breathy singing and raspy growls depending on the mood of the track. Songs are well paced allowing the music to envelop the listener. Each one distinct as it represents another part of the journey. The album feels as if it was recorded in a forest at night. Not because of it’s grimness. But because of the open spaces it creates in the listeners mind. As if you are staring at the stars just above the tree line. Alone with the music hearing the sounds of wind, of animals in the distance, and the crackling of an open fire.

This is not a background album by any means, but one that needs and demands your full attention. The music is bathed in emotion. You can hear the heart and soul that was poured into it. Allow it to take you over and fill your ears. Perhaps you will have your own journey of rebirth.

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  1. Wow, excellent! I am buying this on physical format!

  2. indeed! Love your site. Do you review unsigned bands too, or how do you select?

    1. We sure do. I don't have the numbers (and it also depends on your definition of signed), but I guess it's split 50-50 between signed and unsigned bands. Infiltrator are unsigned you know :)