March 3, 2013

Primitive Man - Scorn

Written by Aaron Sullivan.

Scorn is the debut album by Colorado’s Primitive Man. From the members of the grind band Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire. But this is no Grind. This is bleak, ugly, blackened Sludge/DOOM. With an intensity few can match.

You get the idea from looking at the cover this is not a safe record with some cool riff and songs about drinking beer. This is as intense as the cover would have you believe. Songs have heft and weight to them. There is an underlying anger and ominous aggression no matter the pace of the music. It’s a vibe set early and often. Guitars tearing through your ears, heavy bass rumbling pushing speakers to the max, while the pounding of drums set the foundation. Rasped vocals only add another layer of ferociousness atop an album that is overflowing with it. The production is perfect for this type of music and being a three piece I imagine helps in that. Each instrument can be heard individually and no one instrument dominates. As for lyrical content I am not quite sure. The only lyrics on their Bandcamp page posted are these,
No one is listening. No one Fucking Cares.
Well I for one am listening, and boy do I fucking care.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

  1. Heard two songs and wow this is just amazing blackened Sludge/DOOM. The vocals is what stands out for me the most, just evil and got to say that I am listening as well and I fucking love it.

    1. We have been waiting for long time for this be become available as a digital download (the band wanted to sell their vinyl first) But man, it was worth the wait.