May 18, 2013

Cssaba - Underground Lo-Fi Songs

Review by Majbritt Levinsen.

So a mail landed in my mailbox telling me a 'new' album from Cssaba was available on bandcamp. As I am a curious person I had to go hear what it was all about. I hit play without any pre-conceptions and the first track "Nails" from the album Underground Lo-Fi Songs started to fill my headphones with a dark industrial beat and atmosphere that lead my first thoughts to NIN. As the track progressed I couldn't help thinking that this was a weird combination of NIN, Locrian and Terra Tenebrosa, but in a dark ambient industrial version.

This is experimental ambient industrial black metal and according to the little info I have been able to dig up, this is a one man band from Poland with Michał "Nihil" Kuźniak behind it all. The album Underground Lo-Fi Songs was originally release in December 2012, but is now made available for download on Bandcamp by Metalhit.

I don’t know why this album appeals to me as it does, as it isn’t really anything I listen to normally as this is way too industrial for my likings. But there is something in the almost droning background ambience, the repeated beats, the dark sounds and the chanting vocal that somehow manages to keep me interested, and a strange calm finds itself in me. "To The Moon" is a perfect example of this.

The tracks all have the same atmosphere, mood and offer little variation in regards to pace, which holds this album together just perfectly. One would maybe think the tracks and the entire album were on the more monotone side of songwriting, but I like the straightforward no-nonsense drive the songs have.

Well if you are up to something different, this is it!

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  1. This is good stuff. It's like what I would imagine industrial black metal to sound like if I had only heard of Godflesh and NIN and wasn't familiar with Thorns, Mysticum etc. You are spot on about how the droning ambience and chanting vocals work to drive this album, nice work on the review.

  2. It's worth listening to it, I'll try it. \m/

    1. Jump right in John, It is indeed good stuff. Also thanks for reading.