May 10, 2013

Unsacred Seed - Unsacred Seed

Artwork by Eric Styler

Canadian band Unsacred Seed has just released their self-titled debut album. This is well done groovy blackened death metal. Very solid riffing, not super brutal or technical. Unsacred Seed seem to focus on writing memorable songs (and more often than not they succeed in doing so), in that sense they remind me of Bloodshot Dawn. And like Bloodshot Dawn they know the art of badass soloing, each song contains one or more well played and well integrated solo. As for the production, the band says "the album has a raw, slightly imperfect sound", and that is right. Is is also good. So much modern metal has an overly clinical sound, with horribly replaced drums. I think the slightly raw production makes Unsacred Seeds take on modern metal more interesting. And I think you should check them out.

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  1. That's some good stuff. No offense to the artist, but this is one of those albums I might have skipped based on the album art. But like the saying goes, don't judge a band by their weird skeleton astronaut thing.

    1. The artwork has a certain, well naive charm, but I totally get your point :)