July 15, 2013

Ghost Idols - Ghost Idols

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

From my home town of L.A. comes Ghost Idols. A three piece who’s self titled debut album is a great mix of spacey rock and post-punk. Songs have a bounce to them with a spacey pop feel at times coupled with great west coast punk sing along style vocals, also mixed in are some very Sludgy riffs. The bass playing is monstrous and really stands out in the mix. It, along with the drums, constantly driving the songs and allows the guitar to add with the riff or simply go off on it’s own. The drumming does that tribal thing I love so much to help build a song before it takes off. This is an album chock full of energy. The overall production makes the album fell bright and alive.

My only regret is that I have yet to see these guys live. And that is really a shame because if these songs sound this good on Bandcamp I can only imagine how they explode in a live setting. I need to stop imaging and make it real.

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