July 28, 2013

Katechon - Man, God, Giant

Cover art by Mari Oseland

Slow but... well, slow, more albums become available on the Nuclear War Now! Productions Bandcamp. The latest example being Man, God, Giant the debut full-length from Norway's Katechon. It would be easy to lump Katechon in with the blackened death metal crowd, they would also fit in quite nicely as members of the punkish black metal society. I think the merry Lurkers nailed it when they wrote "Not quite black metal, death metal or hardcore but rather a stunningly honed and natural melding of all at once"

Like most bands on the NWN! roster Katechon are nasty, guttural, and murky. But they are also better produced and goddamn riffy. A few tracks are 'just' roaring d-beat infused thrashers, but most work as songs, not just a collection of (great) chunky riffs. Check out the soloing and melody of the almost epic album closer "Beautiful Desolation", and I think you'll agree that the more Katechon break away from the crowd, the better they sound. Man, God, Giant is a great starting point, I look forward to hear what Katechon does next.

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