November 13, 2014

Mad Max's Wheels of Steel #4

Written by Maxim Björky.

The inconsistent nature of this article is something I’m hoping to change but amid changing my employment, shuffling my living situations, and booking my sure-to-be comical trip to MDF –think Ernest goes to Baltimore—it’s been a rough go. Hope everyone had fun arguing about how Hallmark might rebrand Columbus Day, now let’s get our hands dirty with some fetid death metal demos that I think will earn your affection.

Deathcult is probably best known as having just been joined by Bölzer frontdude Okoi Thierry Jones. They're probably close to third in the pecking order behind the vaunted Kiwi outfit Witchrist, whom he likewise recently joined up with. While Deathcult might not rip the plane of temporal existence like Bölzer, they do crush skulls and bring the riff, which, as I recall, were among the reasons we all got into these death metal shenanigans in the first place. Likewise, if Bölzer’s knuckles simply don’t drag low enough for you, rest assured, this Swiss outfit veers much closer to Blasphemy and Bestial Warlust. Nothing much to dissect or mull over. Just spin it and maybe try to track down a tape. Sounds like they're a hot commodity. These guys also have a recent EP out on Me Saco Un Ojo Records with Jones actually on vocal duty in the studio; it’s not yet on Bandcamp as far as I can tell, so keep your brainshell on a swivel for that.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

This band is cool because early Bathory can never be replicated but modern production allows us to create the same unfiltered aggression while allowing the instruments to actually, ya know, be heard. Now this may sound like a dozen other bands I've written about (Bewitcher, Antichrist, Infiltrator, Hedlok, et al), but their rippin’ jams are also applicable to fans of more visible touring acts like Witchaven. Nor does it end there. There’s also an obvious 70s punk vibe going on somewhere under the surface, though the obligatory cover of “Necromansy” at the end of this demo makes me want to renege on giving them even that nuance. I swear there’s more to it than just Bathory worship and if you think there isn’t, have another beer and gaze longingly at a picture of Glenn Danzig.

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Let’s just keep rolling with these roman numerals. Now for my favorite part of the program where some semantically OCD doofus aspiring scholar of musical historiography will tell me this is black metal and doesn't fit the theme of this week’s WoS but I arrogantly beg to differ. Though this band displays many landmarks borne by contemporary adherents of the second wave, there’s plenty of death metal flexing goin on. Sure these guys would be perfect on a bill with Mgła and Svartidauði but they could just as easily share the stage with Malthusian on Demilich's Reunion Tour (now wouldn't that be neat!).

See you guys same time next time!

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

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