November 13, 2014

Track premiere: Wayfarer - "Cities Built on Conquered Ground"

Today we have a track premiere for you. "Cities Built on Conquered Ground" is a previously unreleased song from Wayfarer's debut full-length Children of the Iron Age which will be released on Nov. 24 by Prosthetic Records. The press release mentions that Wayfarer has been described as a "cross between Agalloch and Amon Amarth", the band themselves calls it "music for mountains". And yes, this falls on the black metal side of the fence, but it is very atmospheric, very melodic, and infused with an epicness that does recall high peaks more than deep forests.

Photo by Jenni Fae

While "Cities Built on Conquered Ground" is certainly a good song, I think it becomes even better when combined with the other two songs songs streaming from Children of the Iron Age. All three shows that Wayfarer writes complex but melodic material, and each of them has that special part that make it stand out - check for example the riffing that begins at 01:00 in "A Place Among Stars", or the anthemic ending to "Cities Built on Conquered Ground".

More bonus points for the vocals and the production. Wayfarer's initial demo was all instrumental, on Children of the Iron Age three band members contribute to the singing, and together they do a great (and varied) job. The production is gritty, but also clear. It doesn't get in the way of songs, sounding neither under- nor over-produced. Children of the Iron Age is a very solid offering so far, based on these three songs Wayfarer have a winner on their hands.

Here's the player with the new song "Cities Built on Conquered Ground":

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And here's the player with all three songs available from Children of the Iron Age plus the pre-order link:

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