April 15, 2012

General Surgery - A Collection of Depravation

Review by Dane Prokofiev.

Very little can be said about goregrind, and I mean that in a good way. It’s a straightforward sub-genre of extreme metal that sates mankind’s primal urge for violence in an entertaining manner, and the most entertaining goregrind is the kind that is filled with chunky grooves flowing down a putrid stream of incomprehensible noise that brings to mind a waterfall of stale blood littered with severed limbs and slimy, maroon innards. No poetic descriptions or Tolkien imagery necessary, just mindless, ruthless savagery.

Sweden’s General Surgery are a great testament to that hypothesis, and these gore fiends have unleashed a knife-twistingly tasty compilation of THIRTY rare and exclusive tracks that will corkscrew their way through one ear canal and out the other repeatedly for a little over an hour! Brains and skull fragments will splatter the walls, but that is the whole point, right?

While the tracks are technically not new at all, it’s great value for money to have so many of ‘em stacked together for the price of one record. Yes, non-vinyl owners and casual collectors, this compilation was released with you guys in mind (and Relapse’s excuse to earn a quick buck too of course). For optimal listening experience, skip your three daily meals before going under the sanguinary scalpel of this crash course in aural masochism.

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