September 10, 2012

Anagnorisis - Ghosts of Our Fathers

Anagnorisis have released the EP Ghosts of Our Fathers after three years hiatus. The music is progressive black metal with lots of influence from death metal. Understated keyboards, intense death metal riffing and a mix of death and black vocal styles. It is modern and aggressive, it also about death in way most death metal isn't; The EP is a tribute to two close family members of the band who has passed away. And meant as a move forward against a planned full-length album.

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The Anagnorisis debut full-length Overton Trees from 2007 is also available on the Bandcamp. Back then Austin Lunn of Panopticon/Seidr/etc fame was a member of the band. The production is a slightly rawer, the music a little more to the death metal side, and it is very interesting to hear Lunn sound positively Opethian at times. Teeth of the Divine called the album a true unearthed gem of a record that any fans of A Lunn’s work should try to dig up. Check out the title track below.

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  1. Oh dear that is a mouthful of a band name. Reminds me of technology companies stretching a bit too far to name their "brands" - like IgnoSys, or PeteTrobe