September 27, 2012

Cult Of Erinyes - Golgotha

Cult Of Erinyes' EP Golgotha from 2010 is available on the Kunsthauch Bandcamp. This is aggressive and atmospheric black metal from Belgium. The EP start with an ominous ambient track, and then it's raw black metal metal time. There's much to enjoy; the inspired drumming, the doubly inspired harsh vocals (and the weird clean ones). What you don't know is that something is missing. At 2:20 the bass/second guitar kicks in and the song suddenly becomes twice as large. A simple effect, used well.

According to this in-depth interview from Mortem Zine Golgotha was recorded quickly, and is meant as a manifest of the Cult Of Erinyes sound. And the production is pretty basic, but it is also organic and fits the music perfectly. The last song The Year All Light Collapsed features thick raw riffing and propelling drumming. There's nice touches like harsh call and response vocals, more weird cleans, and some oddly enjoyable black metal gang vocals. The drummer even manages to turn it up a notch; the last third of the song is a drumming extravaganza, Three well sequenced songs, the EP format befits Cult Of Erinyes.

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