December 9, 2012

Corsair - Corsair

Artwork by Marie Landragin from Corsair.

Corsair's self-titled and self-released debut is available on the Shadow Kingdom Records Bandcamp, in preparation for a re-release early next year. This is a mix of Thin Lizzy style heavy metal and progressive rock; and a perfect fit for Shadown Kingdom Records with the labels love of Heavy Rock and early Heavy Metal from the 70's.

And yeah, Corsair does have a 70's vibe, but it is by no means a retro album. The songwriting is complex, yet grounded; the songs are filled to the brims with catchy melodies and riffs. Singing is clean and soulful (and shared by three members of the band, each with their own distinct style). My favorite part is the heartfelt rendition of these lyrics from Falconer
From inside and within these walls
through the window its all right, its alright
But outside and on the streets
It's all a mess, it's all a mess
The twin guitar work of Corsair is a real highlight. Smooth harmonizing, and lots of little fills and interesting melodic leads throughout the album. As this review from Metal Review states You’d have to be pretty black and cold inside if you can listen to this without your hands placed in front of you on an imaginary guitar. Also check out The Obelisk's pretty detailed interview with bassist Jordan Brunk.

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Note: I'm linking to the Shadow Kingdom Records Bandcamp because that's where I learned about Corsair. The album is also available, two dollars cheaper, on the bands own Bandcamp.