December 11, 2012

Wolfhetan - Was der Tag nicht ahnt

Review by Sean Cordes.

Wolfhetan plays an atmospheric, pagan influenced brand of black metal. While that sounds pretty ordinary, they have a very distinct sound. The three-man project from Thuringia is highly melodic, but has as much ferocity as any classic Darkthrone release. Songs are lengthy and at times repetitive but they never overstay their welcome—they shift and develop similar to how Der Weg Einer Freiheit's songs develop, and they form a coherent whole—the songs are journeys in themselves, and they come together to create a larger journey through the album.

There are also some slight progressive touches interspersed throughout the album, including the second track, Abschied, a song which on its own is oddly rhythmic with its swung drums and marching, staccato bassline, but which fits right at home in the context of the album. Clean interludes also make appearances, which is nothing new in black metal, but they are always tastefully done (see here the beautiful final track, Ankunft).

The closest comparison I can draw to Was der Tag nicht ahnt is some similarity with acts like the aforementioned Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Imperium Dekadenz or In the Woods…, and perhaps Nocte Obducta. Be that as it may, the record is, in the end, a masterfully done, decidedly Romantic journey, burgeoning with bittersweet European pride. Volkommenheit and Tagtraum, tracks 3 and 6 respectively, are some of the best black metal tracks to be released this year. Was der Tag nicht ahnt is well worth the almost 70 minute run-time.

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