December 14, 2012

The Shadow Principle - Golden State

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

From the ashes of Murder At The Well comes Shadow Principle. With a new drummer came a new direction, new album and new name.

Golden State see them mixing elements of Post Punk, Metal, and Prog Rock. The kind of Prog they play is the kind I enjoy the most. It’s that sneaky kind where at first listen it sounds as though it is your normal rock song. But underneath lurks the little flourishes that show there is so much more going on. The bass playing is great. At times played as though it were the lead instrument, which allows the guitarist to do more in the background adding atmosphere and depth when not playing riffs. Drumming is solid, helping to drive songs and adding the heaviness to the band. Vocals are a stand out. Channeling his inner Bowie. While that style vocal with this type of music may sound weird when read, it is a great mix when heard.

Further proving their connection to Prog, Golden State is a concept album. As the band explains on their Bandcamp page:
Lyrically the songs on Golden State examine the myth of the California Dream from the perspective of a native outsider: someone who should fit in but doesn't; someone who appears to be living the dream but isn't. What's it like to be from a place, but not feel particularly of that place? In what ways is that question made more troubling when appearances--and what's lurking beneath them--are at odds?
For their first record as a new band they show a maturity well beyond their years as a band. This is a band that means business and is not worried about fitting in but rather standing out. Fans of Rush, King Crimson, Tool, Radiohead, and just good music in general should give this a listen.

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