January 18, 2013

Hammerdrone - A Demon Rising

Art by Graham Harris from Hammerdrone.

Hammerdrone A Demon Rising. This is an EP of blackened and very melodic death metal. This is also a straight steal from the esteemed Full Metal Attorney. He writes that Hammerdrone
play melodic death metal the way it was originally meant to be: uncompromising and ridiculously catchy. There's nothing especially original about their style--but good luck getting these songs out of your head
and that's all you need to know really. But let me add that the production hits a sweet spot between modern and raw, that suits the music perfectly. Also that the guitarists lay down some wicked solos, without overdoing it. Check out the Sonic Abuse review, they describe Hammerdrone as a well-oiled, brutally precise band, and I agree.

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