January 24, 2013

Monolithe - Monolithe III

Art by Robert Høyem

Monolithe - Monolithe III is available on the Debemur Morti Productions Bandcamp. One song, 52 minutes of funeral doom. But not the plodding, crushing kind, for a funeral doom album this is actually a pretty sprightly affair. Instead of slowly submerging you in a morass of epic and droning riffs (like Ea) Monolithe makes all 52 minutes count; bending and twisting riffs, as they lead us through musical movements each seamlessly appended to another.

Monolithe also tries things other funeral doom bands don't. As the always dependable Don't Count On It Reviews explains it:
it's what I think Blut Aus Nord might sound like if they went funeral doom. It has those really bizarre sounding guitars that are somewhat industrial tinged but harmonized in ways that make the entirety of what they're playing sound just a little off. It's like someone decided to slow down Godflesh to a crawl
Parts sound groovy, parts sound triumphant, parts sound progressive; thankfully all of this is held together by an extraordinary sense of flow, making Monolithe III also a very cohesive album. And one that comes highly recommended.

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  1. Really glad to see they posted this one. I was excited for it when it came out, but then saddened because it wouldn't be technically released in the U.S. until two months after the European date. I saw that international postage would pretty much double the cost of the CD, was sad, then more or less forgot about it.

    Record companies: Please pick just one international release date. It's going to be all over the interhole as soon as you put it out in one country anyway, and this way, you don't punish those of us who actually want to give you money for music.

    1. Only labels the size of Relapse, Earache and Season of Mist handle their own (physical) releases world wide.

      Small or medium sized labels (I would say Debemur is medium sized) employs a distributor or partners with another label. This means that they can't always choose the release (it has to fit in the other labels schedule etc).