January 6, 2013

Dead Empires - Waiting In Waves

Written by Atanamar Sunyata.

Art and layout by Revolution Dream Design

My thirst for instrumental metal isn’t particularly pronounced, but when an album hits the spot I’m prone to drink myself into a stupor. Waiting In Waves appeared as a deus ex machina in the midst of an absolutely wretched work week, where it proceeded to lift my spirits towards total intoxication.

Dead Empires dwell in a raucous realm of propulsive contrivance, drawing measures of metal, hardcore, and bluesy brawn, all tinged with a judicious bit of progressive sheen.
Dead Empires don’t don the weepy triumphalism of Explosions in the Sky, nor do they rock the tongue-in-cheek thrashification of The Fucking Champs. Waiting in Waves recalls a bit of Pelican’s ballsier blasting, but the vibe here is more Motorhead than post-metal whimsy.

Waiting in Waves revolves around an axis of rhythmic excellence; the drums and bass mesmerize as they cheerfully beat you to the ground. The multifarious influences at play in the guitar work are well synthesized; the album has a pleasingly uniform and complete vision. When the cards are on the table, riffs always win, and that’s where Dead Empires shine. Piles of ideas are skillfully and memorably executed, reminding me repeatedly of the sadly departed Burst in their boundless charm. Please pour me another.

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  1. I look forward to playing our show at BSP! See you guys saturday!