August 23, 2013

Pendulous - Mirrored Confessions

Written by Aaron Sullivan.

Pendulous is a DOOM band from my local scene here in Los Angeles. A band that I have had the pleasure to see a handful of times and am very glad to see they have something they can share with the rest of the world.

The albums opens with a spoken word track called "Disheveled" about depression and loss of self. This helps set the mood for the rest of the tracks that follow. Pendulous play a style of DOOM that is slow and sorrowful. Not as much about riffs as it is about tone and weight. Vocals are interesting mix of Death Metal style vocals and very mournful clean style that reminds one of the vocal work of Warning/40 Watt Sun’s Patrick Walker. The combination of Death DOOM and clean atmospheric parts are well done. Heavy when it is needed while also allowing songs to breathe and resonate with the listener. This again gives a Warning vibe. One much different than the one Pallbearers amazing album Sorrow and Extinction gave us last year. But I think Mirrored Confessions deserves just as much attention.

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