October 26, 2013

Dead in the Dirt - The Blind Hole

Guest review by BreadGod from Servile Insurrection

This is Dead In The Dirt, a grindcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. First of all, is it just me, or do these guys look fucking old? I'm certain these guys might be younger than what they appear, but the old-timey photo filter doesn't help matters. Second, I'm mesmerized by the cover for their debut album, The Blind Hole. It's so strange and ominous, like something Sunn O))) would use. (This actually makes sense as Dead In The Dirt are signed to Southern Lord Recordings, which is owned by the men behind Sunn O))).) You would never expect this album to be filled with angry, violent grindcore.

The drums range from simple mid-paced beats that sound quite similar to hardcore to rampaging blast beats. The snare has a great deal of impact to it and the cymbal work is rather intricate. Unlike most other grindcore bands, Dead In The Dirt breaks up the pace by including some slow, crushing beats like those on “Strength Through Restraint” and “Caged”. On top of all that, they also play some great, complex fills. When it comes to the bass, it mainly follows the guitars, but their sound is extra thick which helps to give the music more impact.

The vocals utilize both a harsh, gruff growl and a manic scream, both of which are performed really well. The growls bring the evil and the screams bring the chaos. It's a perfect combination. You want to know what's even better than the vocals? The guitars. They show no mercy. They exhibit a lot of feedback, which makes for a very harsh experience, but if you're brave, then you'll be in for some awesome musicianship. They still play those simple, blazing fast riffs that grindcore is famous for, but they also play some mid-paced riffs that sound quite similar to hardcore. They also play a few crushingly slow riffs that lean towards doom metal, like those on “Halo Crown”. They even play a few riffs that sound similar to black metal, such as those on “The Blaring Eye” and “Caged”.

This album may not last very long (twenty two songs blaze by in a little under twenty four minutes), but it leaves a huge impact. It's a perfect blend of grindcore, hardcore, and even bits of doom metal and black metal. Dead In The Dirt is barely five years old and they're already paving a trail of death and destruction. They rank right up there with Delete the Mass as one of my favorite new grindcore bands of the year.

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