July 8, 2012

Jucifer - Throned In Blood

Jucifer's latest full-length Throned In Blood was released by their own record label Nomadic Fortress, and is now available on Bandcamp. Throned In Blood has been heralded as the first album that recreates the raw aggression and sheer power of Jucifer in a live setting. This makes some (AllMusic) yearn for the more varied songwriting and unpredictability of earlier albums, while others (Lambgoat) tips the hat to Jucifer now linking the two halves of the band's personality in recording.

The production is raw and live sounding, you can hear the crackle of the over-pushed amplifiers. I haven't heard Jucifer live, but this album makes me want to. Coupled with the stripped down songwriting and the DIY approach, and you can draw a line all the way back to Nadir, their self-released debut cassette from 1994.

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Note: Jucifer's two previous albums, L'autrichienne and If Thine Enemy Hunger, are available on their Relapse Records Bandcamp page.

  1. This one's worth the price of admission for the last track alone. Between this and the Taake album from last year, banjo is the new metal.

    1. There's also a neat banjo instrumental bridging track 3 and 4 on Terzij de Horde's A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light.

      I really should add that album to Metal Bandcamp.