July 12, 2012

Trilobite - Delusions of Grandeur

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Artwork by Justin Bartlett

Hailing from Florida comes the band Trilobite. While being a state more known for its contributions to Death Metal. Trilobite instead contribute to the ever growing genre of Sludge.

First word that comes to mind as this album starts is groove. This album is overflowing with it. This is Sludge that is aggressive without being overbearing. Riffs are thick and shifty. Never staying with one riff too long. The drumming just pops. Every snare hit sounds like your ear is attached to the drum head. The absence of vocals is usually an issue for me, but not with this album. They would actually take away for the record. The music gives you plenty to focus on and never loses the listener.

Just an exciting album all the way through. Once you press play it takes off. With so much to process this album lends itself to multiple listens.

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