July 11, 2012

Morgion - The Relapse Collection

On the Relapse Alumni Bandcamp you can find a collection of Morgion's Relapse recordings. The Relapse Collection kicks of with the full-length Solinari and the EP Oceans Without Shores, both from 1999. This is doom, mournful, mystical and solemn. Switching between heavy parts with grating guitars, and more ambient passages occasionally veering close to Pink Floydian territory. The intelligent drumming, and the textures created by the guitars and keyboards all gives Morgion a dynamic not found in crushingly heavy funeral doom or plodding traditional doom. Here are reviews of Solinari from The Metal Archives.

The collection continues with their debut full-length Among Majestic Ruins from 1997. This is atmospheric death/doom with deep growling and blastbeats. Rawer, and with much more of a death metal vibe. Here are reviews from The Metal Archives. The collection is rounded out by 7 unreleased studio, demo, and rehearsal tracks. The Metal Archives also has a review of the entire collection.

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Whether you like the included extra tracks or not $10 is quite reasonably for a collection of this size. Unlike the $18 Relapse wants for the similar sized Disembowelment collection...

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