February 26, 2012

Disembowelment - Disembowelment

Doomsday comes to an end with Relapse Records 2005 release of the entire Disembowelment discography. It contains the Dusk EP from 1992, Disembowelment's only full-length Transcendence into the Peripheral from 1993 and a number of rarities and demo tracks.

Considered one of the albums that helped spawn the funeral doom genre, Transcendence into the Peripheral is one part brutal, blast beat ridden death metal and one part down-tuned, dirge like doom. Dissonant distorted rhythms, maddening tempo shifts and the deepest possible death growls.

Here are reviews of Transcendence into the Peripheral from Sputnikmusic and Metal Archives. And a review of the compilation, also from Metal Archives. Half of Disembowelment have reformed as Inverloch. In this interview, conducted by Dane Prokofiev for Metal Injection, they discuss the legacy of these classic recordings.

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  1. this rules, thanks for the heads up

    1. Yeah, it's amazing. $18 may be a little steep for a digital dl though, there should be an option to just get Transcendence Into The Peripheral.