• Ulla Roschat. Ulla's collection.
    Ulla runs the The Wicked Lady Show podcast and accompanying Tumblr, and contributes to Paranoid Hitsophrenic.
  • Justin C. Justin's collection.
    Justin C. is a tech writer and classical guitarist. He's as surprised as you are that he gets to write about metal.
  • Craig Hayes. Craig's collection.
    Craig lives in New Zealand, where he hosts his own blog, Six Noises. Craig’s written about punk, metal and experimental music in magazines and online at PopMatters, Hellbound, Last Rites, No Clean Singing, Noisey, Invisible Oranges, Under the Radar, … and plenty more sites. Craig’s produced music interviews, documentary segments, and hosted specialist music shows for a number of NZ radio stations. Craig is old. A hermit. And he’s convinced that punk is not dead.
  • Majbritt Levinsen. Majbritt's collection.
    Danish Metalhead & Lazybone. Living in Sweden. Liked the weird, dark, depressive, atmospheric, doomy and skewed. Visit her website here
  • Matt Hinch. Matt's collection.
    Matt Hinch wants to play music again but is way too busy at home in Forest Mills, ON for that. Instead he writes about metal on breaks at work (and occasionally at home) for his Kingdom of Noise blog, Hellbound, and Scratch the Surface (and formerly Ghost Cult Magazine). Then sleeps like a baby.
  • Kevin Page. Kevin's collection.
    Dad, metalhead, saw Judas Priest and Kiss when he was 7 years old, loather of power weenies and contributor to No Clean Singing.
  • Steven Leslie. Steven's collection.
    Steven is a freelance writer, terrible guitarist, and all around death, black and doom fanatic, who is just happy to be writing about something he actually likes for a change..
  • Calen Henry. Calen's collection.
    Calen is a long time metal fan with a penchant for unnecessarily thorough research. Having traversed the metal landscape through the depths of doom and the peaks of grind, he's settled on things melodic, with a bit of black metal coldness, since he lives in Canada.
  • Karen A. Mann. Karen's collection.
    Karen A. Mann is a longtime freelance writer based in Raleigh, N.C. She has maintained a rambling music blog, Mann's World since 2003. Her top metal moment is seeing Judas Priest on the Screaming for Vengeance tour at age 16 and getting Rob Halford's autograph afterward.
  • Professor D. Grover the XIIIth.
    D.S. Grover is a professor in Occult Musical Studies at Miskatonic University and the Chairman of the Gentlemen's Society of the Oculus Infernus. He is tall, sleep-deprived, and is rumored to be teetering on the very brink of madness. He enjoys bacon, books about assassins, and the feeling you get when you peel off the plastic cover on a new piece of electronic equipment.
  • Hera Vidal. Hera's collection.
    Hera Vidal is powered by coffee, metal, and research. When not researching and writing about black metal, she enjoys crime thrillers, studying the brain, collecting books, and listening to music at an ungodly volume. You can also catch her on Twitter.
  • Bryan Camphire.
    Bryan Camphire was weaned on heavy music and odd time signatures in his native Pittsburgh, studied Criminology and Butoh dance as well as performed doom metal for a decade in New York City, studied and played gamelan in Central Java for three years, and now works with children at a group home in Chicago, living as a new parent obsessively listening to new music every single day.
  • Nate Garrett. Nate's collection.
    Nate Garrett cut his teeth making music in Arkansas. He now lives in Arizona with his wife and dog, and makes music with Spirit Adrift and Gatecreeper.

I am very, very grateful for the the following amazing writers, who has given us permission to reprint some of their work.
  • Natalie Zina Walchots.
    Natalie is a promiscuous wordsmith, cultural critic, poet and literary reviews editor based in Toronto, Ontario who has written for many different outlets, large and small. You can find her column about feminism and aggressive music "Girls Don't Like Metal," on Canada Arts Connect Magazine, and her music reviews at Exclaim!
  • Autothrall.
    The mighty Autothrall is the man behind From the Dust Returned, and known as one of the most competent (and prolific) reviewers of the music we love.

We regularly feature photos by these talented photographers. Many thanks to all of them for giving me permission to use their work, or making it available under a Creative Commons license.

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