There's lots of great metal on Bandcamp. Everything from upcoming bands to established metal record labels. This blog will try to keep you updated on new metal Bandcamps. We will also cover updates to existing band pages and new albums posted to label Bandcamps. In general, you can expect 2-3 posts per week, though release day reviews will mess up the schedule now and then.

Unlike most metal blogs we won't post about albums that haven't been released yet - and of course the album has to available on Bandcamp. If you're interested in what you're reading about and what you're hearing, you can buy (or download) it right then--no waiting for far-off release dates, and no annoyance over different release dates for physical product in different parts of the world.

Metal Bandcamp is not affiliated with Bandcamp itself in any way, though they certainly are aware of our existence, and...
We do have a special place in our black, stone hearts for death metal.
It is true
-- Ryan, Bandcamp support, on Morbus Chron.

A big thank you to Richard Hutton for creating the Metal Bandcamp logo and banner graphics. Check out his dark ambient/drone project Aeon-Lost.

And finally, if you're curious about how many pageviews we get here's a spreadsheet with all the numbers.

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  1. Finally a websites that is truly helpful in this brave new world that is bandcamp.

    1. Hey John, thanks for the kind words. Glad we can help you navigate this new world.

  2. I'm surprised I haven't found you earlier, guys :)

    Metallize all the bandcamps! \m/

  3. I love this site just as much as I love metal and freedom! Now, if you don't mind, would you please put my blog in your blogroll? http://gema-logam.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi guys, I sent you an email related to a possible collaboration. Kindly get back to me as soon as you can, as I have sent you that email like two or three weeks ago even.

  5. Your search engine is pathetic. All sorts of acts are here and do not pull up in your search. It's the stupidest shit ever!? If Bandcamp is about band exposure, this search is truly lame! Bands like Megatherium don't even show up, but THERE THEY are in Bandcamp if you are a detective!

    1. Our search only looks for results on Metal Bandcamp. Go here if you want to search all of the Bandcamp platform.