Metal Labels on Bandcamp

Click on a logo to open the Bandcamp in a new window. Click on a Metal Bandcamp link to see the albums we have written about. Click on the buttons to sort the labels by name or by album count (sorting works both ways). The numbers are updated whenever I feel like it, and are not meant as a quality rating. Bigger isn't necessarily better.

To be added to the list a sizable chunk of the albums on a label's Bandcamp page must be metal, and they must be available as digital downloads - for free or for pay. This means: no streaming only Bandcamps, or ones where the music is only available in physical formats. The number of available albums is listed in square brackets after the album count.

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Honorable Mentions

These are not full-blooded "metal labels", but they do have some interesting metal releases on their Bandcamp.
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  1. Added War Anthem Records. 225 labels listed.

  2. Added Coyote Records. 226 labels listed.

  3. Added Arachnophobia Records, Saturnal Records, and Give Praise Records. 229 labels listed.

  4. Added Third-I-Rex, Existentiell, and Red River Family Records. 232 labels listed.

  5. Added Art of Propaganda. 233 labels listed.