February 24, 2012

Wildernessking - The Writing of Gods in the Sand

Artwork for the CD version by Reuben Sawyer / Rainbath Visual.

Wildernessking have just released their new full-length The Writing of Gods in the Sand on their Bandcamp. At base this is black metal with towering riffs and shrieking vocals full of spite and agony, but you also find post-metal parts like chiming guitars, rock beats and proggy drum progressions incorporated in the songs. And like the No Clean Singing review says
many passages where the sonic blast falls away and a subdued, entrancing melody emerges through isolated instruments to haunt the listener’s memory.
The rawness in the music is also balanced by a clean and full production. Even the name Wildernessking is part of the balancing effort, as Angry Metal Guy says:
it reflects an image of the natural world: balanced between the harsh realities of life and death and the stark beauties and the dangers that lurk inside of them.
The first incarnation of Wildernessking was as Heathens and they were one of my first Bandcamp discoveries. It's been exciting to follow their rapid progress up to The Writing of Gods in the Sand. Check out the Heathens Bandcamp here.

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