August 29, 2012

Interpreter - Introspection

Review by Andy Osborn.

The past year has seen a surge of American bands playing an interesting form of progressive metal with an infusion of Scandinavian grimness. This wave of colossal, winding technical metal contains melodic tendencies with a distinct black metal rasp laid over the top. The Enslaved influence is apparent in groups like Cormorant, Wild Hunt, Autolatry, and now Interpreter. These young guns from South Carolina are taking bits of pieces of their favorite genres and funneling them into a swirling, beautiful adventure that never forgoes forward-thinking songwriting for needless brutality.

Opening things with a sludgy, instrumental jam they quickly switch gears into a cleaner, proggier sound that permeates the rest of the album. The band has a tendency to lean towards atypical scales which gives the music a slightly foreign and dynamic feel. There’s hardly a semblance of normal song structure as Interpreter never look back and only pummel headlong into new, uncharted territories of bass-forward jams, jazzy bridges, and thundering double-kick passages. Self-released and available at the price of your choosing, Introspection serves up six fascinating sonic journeys, each offering something unique while holding onto a forlorn familiarity.

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  1. This is fucking great guys, thanks. Sounds like an alternate universe version of Vit vs Thou vs all sorts of other good stuff. I dig it.

    1. Yeah, props to Andy for a great find.