August 25, 2012

Midnight - Complete and Total Hell

Written by Andy Osborn.

Midnight have slowly become kings of the underground with almost a decade’s worth of splits, EPs and demos. And last year the world finally got a proper taste of the Hell’s Headbangers favorites with their first full-length, Satanic Royalty. To gorge the fans’ on their new-found appetite, the label has compiled the band’s entire back catalog into a singular package. Complete and Total Hell is set to come out physically at the end of September, but the label has decided to make it digitally available on Bandcamp a full five weeks early.

If you’ve ever listened to the mighty Ohioans, you know what you’re getting yourself into. The compilation contains 21 tracks of their blistering blackened heavy metal, complete with '80s-style solos, devastatingly fun hooks and Athenar’s signature blasphemous, raspy vocals. While it of course doesn’t feel as whole or flow as smoothly as a proper full length, it fits the band’s raw and in-your-face style perfectly. Midnight has taken over, but it’s still the dawn of these demons’ career.

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