August 24, 2012

The Royal Arch Blaspheme - The Royal Arch Blaspheme

Review by Adrian Tan.

Celebrations of blasphemy in its most hateful and vile form are central to The Royal Arch Blaspheme’s self-titled debut. With two of the most twisted minds in metal– John Gelso (Profanatica) and N. Imperial (Krieg) – at the helm, you can be sure that this will be as in-your-face and disturbing as it comes.

With every composition being built upon ugly and dissonant riffs, these exquisite pieces of aural abominations will thrust deep into your mind. Songs are crafted upon the motif of repeated main riff patterns that are subtly concocted with just enough variation to always keep things interesting. Tempo changes are abound, ranging from unrelenting assaults to crushing doom-paced deliveries. Broken lead fills are scattered amidst the chaos and allowed to linger on their own, adding a dimension of surrealism Gelso’s unmistakable bass-tone carries heft and colors the songs with crust and filth while Imperial serves up bestial vocals with hateful conviction.

As unsettling and nerve-wrecking as the proceedings may be, the songs are laden with hooks that threatens to fester within your inner being. As absurd as it may be, with blasphemous music this good, you cannot help but to be drawn back after it’s over. Something is definitely addictive about this unholy brew.

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