August 4, 2012

Ea - Ea

Ea's self-titled fourth album is available on their Solitude Productions Bandcamp page. A single monolithic track, totaling 47 minutes, of atmospheric funeral doom. Starting with foreboding piano notes, it slowly moves through parts with low-tuned riffs, melancholic leads and hypnotic clean guitar chords. Dark textures are added by church organ, choral vocals, plucked strings and lots of floating keyboards. The vocals are infrequent death growls, and harsh screams during the anthemic middle section. The band biography on Bandcamp page states that
Ea is based on the sacral texts of ancient civilizations. Ea uses a dead language which was recreated according to the results of archeological study.
I just love stuff like that. And you can easily imagine the dying days of a vast, ancient civilization while listening to the album. It also works as very heavy ambient music. Here's a review from The Metal Archives, and one from Doommantia.

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Lately work has interfered with the running of Metal Bandcamp, but now we're back. Thanks to Ea for making a couple of weeks of hard work seem less painful.

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