October 28, 2012

Auroch - From Forgotten Worlds

Artwork by Danille Gauvin

Auroch from Canada bills themselves as "Lovecraftian metal". In that way, they are the death metal counterpart to France's The Great Old Ones, and I think they are just as good. From Forgotten Worlds is a nice blend of 90's style brutal death metal and numerous old school references. So, while not much is new here, Auroch make nearly all of it sound fresh; or as The Inarguable puts it Auroch manages to not only live in the past, but prosper in the present. The brutality and the analog sounding production (I especially like the warm drum sound) cannot hide the high level of technicality that is at work here. Twin-guitars are put to good use, dual riffing against each other and spewing out awesome solos. The drumming is excellent, both hard hitting and dexterous. All in all, a very likable debut full-length from Auroch. Read more in this review from From the Dust Returned.

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