October 14, 2012

Infernal Stronghold - Godless Noise

Infernal Stronghold's Godless Noise from 2009 certainly lives up to it's name. The songs are short bursts of thrashy black metal. Punkish and primal, some of the tracks reaches grindcore levels of intensity. I agree with the Chronicles of Chaos assessment that at 26 minutes and change, Infernal Stronghold don't have many opportunities to prove their diversity - on the other hand this means that they are pretty far from overstaying their welcome!

Photo by Carmelo Española.

The review from Metal Review mentions Infernal Stronghold's grungy, regular guy image, perfectly captured in live photo above. Black metal bands eschewing the corpsepaint and other genre regalia is more common nowadays, but I guess it was something new when Godless Noise was released. Invisible Oranges also reviewed the album; let me close with with Cosmo Lee's words: Infernal Stronghold want to kill you, your god, and your godforsaken world. Now show them some love.

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