October 8, 2012

Schrei Aus Stein - Tsisnaasjini

Tsisnaasjini by Schrei Aus Stein is available on the Crucial Blast Bandcamp. This is ambient, trance like black metal inspired by the experience of mountaineering; Tsisnaasjini (Dawn Mountain" or "White Shell Mountain") is the Navajo name for Mount Blanca in Colorado. The first two songs Light on Wing and Like Arctic Moons functions as a single piece. It starts with ambient structures combining noise and drone and unfolds into a slow black metal dirge. Two single drumbeats heralds a section of truly majestic blasting black metal, the track ends with a metallic drone and ambient soundscapes that mirrors the beginning. The last track Vague Like Blown Smoke kind of combines the first two, and adds a wall of sound quality to the mix. The review by The Inarguable calls it a snowstorm of pure bliss, and I agree. Here is another review from The Metal Archives.

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