October 5, 2012

Label spotlight: Kaotoxin Records

Recently we featured the excellent death doom album Sui Caedere by Eye Of Solitude, and added the label Kaotoxin Records to the Metal Labels On Bandcamp page. Now the label has uploaded a free sampler of their roster, and you'll notice that Eye Of Solitude is kind of the odd duck there, as Kaotoxin mostly focuses on death metal and grindcore (and subgenres like brutal death, goregrind, etc).

I found it intriguing that the sampler was labeled under permanent construction and asked Kaotoxin what they meant by that. Here's their reply:
The idea behind the "under permanent construction" idea is that once we reach 80mns (we will continue to add tracks to it 'til then), we release it on CD, to give it, for free, with all orders on the Bandcamp and on our web shop. Then, we'll start a "vol.2" but will let the "vol.1" be available anyway.

The idea behind it is, despite we have one track downloadable for free on each Bandcamp listed album, we noticed people weren't downloading them that much, so we thought offering them a "full album", for free, would be easier for them. It's also easier to promote all releases at the same time.
So it's a series of sampler albums that will be continually updated with tracks from new Kaotoxin releases. Pretty cool idea, and an interesting use of Bandcamp.

[Go to the post to view the Bandcamp player]

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