June 1, 2013

Process of Guilt - Fæmin

Review by Aaron Sullivan.

Artwork by Hugo Santos

If I had to pick one thing that connects a majority of the music I enjoy it would be atmosphere. For me it is everything. And the darker the better. Portugal’s Process of Guilt have done just that with their album Fæmin.

Each song is a hypnotic dirge slowly building to destruction. They start with a simple foundation and grow with each added layer. The shifts in each song never feel forced, they ebb and flow as natural as the tide. When they find a riff they play it over and over, pounding into your head until it submits and sways with the beat. The tribal style drumming is also a big help in achieving this. At times focusing more on toms and not over amplified crash cymbals. The production is great on this album. No one instrument dominates. Allowing the listener to take in the band as a collective whole and not as individuals. Vocals are of the hardcore variety for the most part with the occasional clean singing thrown in for change of pace.

When it comes to Atmospheric Sludge not too many do it as well as Neurosis. But upon hearing Fæmin from Portugal’s Process of Guilt, I think a challenger has arrived.

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