June 1, 2013

Temple of Void - Demo MMXIII

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Temple of Void's Demo is three tracks of really good death doom. The band has a strong sense of dynamics and a feel for playing crushing riffs, whether they be jagged or sludgy. The singer eschews the standard subhuman growls for a midrange style, somewhere between a growl and a scream, that works well. The few samples used are fine, but the spoken outro to the first track "Beyond the Ultimate" is just silly. And the stoner solo workout that ends the last track "Bargain in Death" feels a little unnecessary. The demo has a very live feel. A bit rough around the edges, but it is enjoyable to hear the sound of a good band playing without too much studio wizardry. All in all a fine demo, I look forward to hear more from Temple of Void in the future.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2013

    An awesome demo. The riff in "Exanimate Gaze" bests anything I heard on the last Asphyx or Hooded Menace record.